PK3 SmartWatch

PinPoint GPS-Phone SmartWatch

The PK3


The PK3 GPS/Phone Touch Screen Smartwatch is designed to pinpoint the locations of your child and keep you in contact with him/her via Phone Call or Text Message Anytime, Anywhere...

GPS - At the push of a button using GPS you will pinpoint your child exact location.

SOS - In a Uncomfortable or Emergency situation your child can PUSH the SOS button to alert you.

PHONE - Call and/or receive calls from your child. 

BREADCRUMB - The Breadcrumb allow for you to track and monitor the traveled locations of your child.  

SAFEZONE -  Set SafeZones around desired locations, such as Home, School, and etc.

STEALTH-MODE - Listen to your child Environment without disturbing them. 

SMS - You can send Text Messages to your child.

VOICE SMS - You can send and/or receive Pre-Record Voice Text Messages from your child.


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