The ONLY Patented
GPS Kids SmartWatch/Phone

The PinPoint SmartWatch

Featured in the Autism Parenting Magazine

A SmartWatch for EVERYONE, especially your child...

PinPoint KIDS GPS/Phone SmartWatch AMAZING Smart Design

Keeping Our Children SAFE, While Providing a PEACE of Mind to Parents

The PK3 Touch Screen Smartwatch uses SIMPLE & EASY technology that your child can use at ANYTIME. The PK3 patented features  GPS, SOS, Phone, Breadcrumb, SafeZone, Stealth Mode, Text Messaging, Voice Text Messaging, Control Remotely, Low-Battery Alert, Pedometer, Strap Lock with Key, LCD full color Interchangeable Display Screens, and much more. (Click any Icon below) 

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The PK3 Smartwatch is designed with IPX6 waterproof standards. The wristwatch can withstand heavy splashing and rain - 100 liters of water per minute all over the outer casing without the water ever penetrating. The PK3 can NOT be submerged in water.